A New Beginning

Posted by Guido on January 1, 2016 - beginning , thoughts

Few hours inside 2016 and I start a new blog. “Cliché”, “New Year’s resolution”, “too much free time”.

Maybe, maybe not.

I already have a blog and I didn’t write many posts, in the past year only 15. It’s a work related blog, there I write only about Dynamics CRM and I don’t deny that in the last period I feel sickness when I open it. Maybe it’s the pressure to write more articles, but I hate to force myself to write about #MSDYNCRM, a post for me it’s something nice to share, not a way to get more visits or a way to accomplish my MVP “duty”.

Why a new blog?

I want to write about different things. I will write about technology but also about music, movies, places I visit, other stuff, everything except Dynamics CRM. And I wanted a new place for this, where I can see a piece of myself.

Why the name 8086.it?

This is one of many domains I own (currently 15) and I decided to recycle it as personal blog. My first PC was also an 8086.

I don’t know how will end up this new adventure, if it will be a short or a long journey, if it will be boring or interesting, but I wanted to try, I needed to try.