Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1

Posted by Guido on January 4, 2016 - mobile-printer , C# , Java

One of my tech gadgets is a mobile printer from Fujifilm, the Instax Share SP-1.

Instax Share SP-1

In the last years Fujifilm created several instant cameras (similar as old Polaroid) but released also this mobile printer. It uses the same film format but you can print the photos from your mobile device (iOS or Android), which I prefer since you can choose an old photo or do some editing before the actual print.

The printer is small (around 10x15x4 cm) and can be powered by two CR2 batteries (weird choice) or by an external power adapter. The label indicates 5V, but I found that you need to provide 1.5 or 2A (I use a Sony PSP charger, it has the same connector).

How the printer communicates with the mobile app?

The printer acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot and the SSID is written in the bottom (like instax-12345678), you need to connect your mobile phone to this Wi-Fi network and after begin the print from the app. A bit cumbersome but it works.

After I bought the Instax Share SP-1 I asked myself if it was possible to create an alternative client in order to use the printer not only from a mobile phone but from a PC or a Mac.

I didn’t create a client (yet) if this is what you were hoping for, but the Android APK (at least one old version I downloaded in April 2015) contains (I think accidentally due to a possible error with the obfuscation software they used) 3 bak files inside the path com/Instax/sdk called:

  • InstaxProtocol.java.bak
  • NetworkCommunicationParam.java.bak
  • NetworkCommunicationSndImageThread.java.bak

These files belong to the SDK develop by Fujifilm to operate with the printer, I spent some hours checking and converting the code to C# but some functions are missing and my time is limited. However I discovered some interesting things:

  • The printer has a static IP:
  • The app communicates with the port 8080 (based on some other files inside the APK maybe they use a stripped Apache web server)

If someone is interested to develop an alternative client for this mobile printer or share some idea please contact me :)