Moomins On The Riviera - Original Soundtrack

Posted by Guido on January 9, 2016 - moomins , music , ost

Last October I went to Japan and I bought the soundtrack of the movie “Moomins On The Riviera”. I will write about Moomins (and Japan of course) in the future but today I want to write about the CD.

The movie is a Finnish-French production and was released in some countries but the soundtrack is available only in Japan (you can still buy it from Amazon). Why only in Japan? Probably because Moomins are famous in Japan due to the popularity of the 1990 TV Series, there are also some Moomins coffee shops.

Some photos of the CD

It’s a nice and colorful jewel case, as Japanese tradition it comes with the spine card and the booklet has images from the movie.

You can find the tracklist at ローチケHMV and there is also a music player with a short preview of the songs.

The songs (and some of the titles) follow the movie order, for example you can listen the second track “Bonfire” at the beginning of the movie, when the Moomins and their friends are around the bonfire.

The tracks are all instrumental, the length varies from 30 seconds to 4 minutes.

My favorite song from the album is “Arrival at The Riviera” by Timo Lassi.